Tribe Obligation: War with the Beastfolk
Early Clan


Random Event

Requires Tribe with Early Clan
Next Day of Battle

As the first clan to come into Dragon Pass, the newcomers ran headfirst into the Beastfolk and made dire enemies of them.  Now, the come forward and demand you satisfy one of their demands when they joined your tribe.

Event Dialogue

The <Early Clan> push for a war against the Beastfolk.  They come to you before bringing the matter to a tribal moot.  "It is high time we launched the final battle against our inhuman enemies.  We must strike, and strike hard, so that they know that it is the Orlanthi who now rule Dragon Pass, not the animal-men."
  1. "Next year will be a better year for war."
  2. "Our two clans should raid the Beastfolk, to whet our tribe-mates' appetites."
  3. "The Beastfolk are too strong to fight now."
  4. "Yes, it is a good time for war."
  5. "You must abandon your dreams of war."

King of Dragon Pass


Note that if you do go to war with the Beastfolk, and if they are your clan's ancestral enemies, you will then gain magic by engaging them in combat.

  • If you wish to engage in battle, but aren't in shape for it, then you should ask to go to war next year.  Success will have the <Early Clan> agree with your decision, while failure will lower their opinion of you.
  • The <Early Clan> will be satisfied if you go raid now, though don't be surprised if they don't ask for a formal war next year.
  • If you don't wish to go to war, and want a good excuse, then say the Beastfolk are too strong right now.  If your persuasion holds, the <Early Clan> will agree, while failure lessons their opinion of you.
  • If you decide to go to war, you have an option to do so right away, or wait until the next Fire season, and you will engage in Day of Battle (Tribe at War)
  • A very skillful speaker can convince the <Early Clan> that they should abandon dreams of war, and live more peacefully.  If they don't agree, their good opinion of you drops, and will press you later on for war.

When/if you go to war with the Beastfolk, you will then see this event come up:  Day of Battle (Tribe at War)

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