Tribute Offer


Random Event

Requires Feud with another clan

If you are successful in war, your target may wish to have a peace, and will offer you tribute to achieve it.

Event Dialogue

A member of the <X clan> ring named <Y> and three weary weaponthanes approach the clan ring with an offer of one-time tribute.  "We have had enough," says <Y>.  "Accept this tribute, and let us have peace between or clans."  She has brought # cows, and says that is all the <X> can afford to give.
  1. Demand more tribute than they have offered.
  2. Demand annual tribute.
  3. Take the tribute...then raid them!
  4. "We will raid you whenever we feel like it."
  5. Accept the tribute and vow to leave them alone for awhile.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If the <X> are offering tribute, then you can probably demand more if you wish.  Be careful not to get to greedy, though, otherwise they will rescind their offer, and hire mercenaries to defend themselves.  Acceptance will also have binding oaths witnessed to Ernalda and Humakt.  This means if you raid within a two year span, then your clan will suffer curses by the gods.
  • If you are certain of your might, you can demand annual tribute from <X>.  Every year, they will give you the agreed upon amount.  Be aware that if you aren't strong enough, or persuasive enough, the <X> will not go for this. Greed also will net you nothing, but the continued ire of the <X>  Once more, the gods are called upon in this option, and as long as you don't raid the <X>, you will get the goods.
    • Remember that the game simulates individual clan activity. You might get away with asking for a giant yearly tribute, but they won't be able to afford it for long. Asking for a lower amount of 10 to 15 ensures a reliable income for several years.
  • If you wish to make a statement, and don't mind the thought of curses by the gods, take the tribute and raid them.  It is likely for other clans to scorn your duplicity, but there is a small chance for them to see the <X> as weak, letting you off the hook.
  • If you wish to continue your present course of action, but don't wish to risk the ire of the gods, then simply say "we will raid you whenever we feel like it."
  • If you wish a respite, and don't think you can get more out of the <X>, then simply accept the tribute.  You will also be expected to be peaceful with the <X> for two years, or else may suffere godly [[curses]

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