Tribute to Colymar
Colymar Tribute


Random Event

Event Dialogue

A heavily armed delegation from the Colymar tribe comes to your tula to demand tribute from you. "We have a tribe, and you are just a clan," says <X>, one of the nobles. "We are strong, and you are weak. Give us <number> cows."

  1. Attack them.
  2. Offer them a different amount.
  3. Pay them.
  4. Petition them for membership in their tribe.
  5. Refuse them.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Refusing or attacking them will lower their already poor feelings about you.
  • Unless you have more than 500 goods, petitioning them for membership in their tribe fails. Even with a large amount of goods, you may still fail.
  • You may pay them, but your carls will protest.
  • Refusing to pay the tribute is generally sucidal as you will be attacked by the entire tribe and all clans in the tribe will automatically become hostile (red color on the map).

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