Triceratops Skeleton


Chain Event

Next Mathrania the Magnificent

In a land like Dragon Pass, it is a wonder the clan's farmers don't dig up more bizarre things...

Event Dialogue

While plowing the fields, the carls find something strange.  It's the enormous skull of some kind of dragon creature.
  1. Destroy it
  2. Display it in a temple or shrine
  3. Display it in the clan hall
  4. Rebury it
  5. Trade it away

King of Dragon Pass


  • Reburying the skull means nothing more happens.
  • Trading it away nets the clan a decent amount of goods.
  • By displaying the skull, your reputation with neighboring clans will increase.

Dragon Friendly

If your clan's ancestors were friends of the dragons:

  • You will gain a small bit of magic by keeping the skull, and lose magic if you destroy it.

Dragon Neutral

If your clan was neutral towards the dragons during clan creation:

  • You will gain magic by reburying it.

Dragon Negative

A clan who's ancestors fought the dragons:

  • Gain a small bit of magic by destroying it, and lose magic if they keep it.


This event, along with Mathrania the Magnificent are the start of a chain that can lead to the Earthshaker Battle Unit or Earthshaker Plow Team.

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