Triceratops in the Field


Chain Event

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Next Triceratops Plow Team Trained
Triceratops Warmounts Trained

From an anonymous basket of eggs, your clan now has a lumbering friend.

Event Dialogue 1

The strange little lizards have grown up into strange, very big lizards.  They're trampling the grain, eating voraciously, and accidentally stomping the occasional chicken.  No one knows what to do with them.
  1. Leave them alone
  2. Sacrifice them to a god
  3. Slaughter them for their meat
  4. Try to train them as battle mounts
  5. Try to train them as beasts of burden

King of Dragon Pass


  • Leaving the triceratops alone really does no harm, but neither does it help. 
  • Sacrificing them can net you a magic increase, while slaughtering them increases your food stores.  However, coming this far, it seems a shame not to try to train them.
  • If you attempt to train the triceratops, it is possible for the training to fail.  If this happens, you may wish to reload.  You know you succeed if you get a message that the triceratops seemed to slowly respond to your training.

However, successful training can lead you to domesticated triceratops, whether as warmounts or plow team.

If you leave the triceratops alone, or if the training fails, you go to Event Dialogue 2 as listed on this page.

Event Dialogue 2

The carls grow exasperated with the big lizards.  They still trample the grain once in a while and their appetites haven't gone down one whit.  The carls say that we should make up our minds what to do with them, soon.
  1. Sacrifice them to a god
  2. Slaughter them for meat
  3. Try to train them as battle mounts
  4. Try to train them as beasts of burden

King of Dragon Pass


  • Sacrifice/slaughter increases your magic/food stores. 
  • Training success nets you the warmounts/plow team, depending on your choice. 
  • Training failure results in a large group of lumbering triceratops on your tula, eating your crops, until they migrate to Mt. Kero Fin.


As mentioned before, if you successfully train the triceratops, you get one of two results (depending on your choice).

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