Trickster's Promise (Cattle)


Random Event

Requires Trickster on the ring

The Trickster is traditionally given a pardon for the results of their actions, but there still is an accounting...

Event Dialogue

Frantic carls run to the ring to report that <Y clan> carls are calmly taking an entire herd of fifty cattle away from you.  "If this is a raid," they say, "It is a very strange raid:  the <Y clan> act as if they have permission to do this!"  Then <your trickster> speaks up.  "They do have permission.  My permission.  I said they could take the whole herd.  That herd was entirely made up of funny-looking cows."  The carls are besides themselves with shock and outrage.
  1. Do nothing.
  2. "It's the trickster's religious duty to betray us."
  3. Persuade the <Y clan> to give the cows back.
  4. Punish <your trickster>.
  5. "They were really funny-looking cows."
  6. Threaten to raid the <Y clan> if they don't return the cows.
  7. Have <your clan chief> replace lost cattle from his own herd.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Doing nothing angers your clan.  One does not let a fortune in cattle just go.
  • You can protect your trickster since he is following his role, but members of your clan will still be angry.
  • Persuasion might work, but you will end up owing to favors to the <Y> clan.  They may decide to keep the cattle otherwise.
  • You can punish the trickster for going to far.  You can remove him from the ring, or even outlaw him.  If outlawed, then decide to have him killed or not.  Realize that punishing a trickster is a good way to have Eurmal cause bad luck since his devotee was just following the god's rules.
  • The trickster states the cattle were funny-looking, and he can be right, especially if you had a build-up of cattle.  His action may just be saving the clan from an eruption of broos.
  • You can threaten violence to get the cattle back, but the <Y clan> may decide to call your threat.  Whether the threat is successful or not, the <Y clan> grows angry.
  • If the chief gives cattle from their own herd, this will restore the mood of the clan, though they feel bad for the chief protecting the trickster.


If you've been experiencing Chaos, and you manage to keep your cattle, you may face a broos uprising.

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