Orlanthi take their debts seriously, and a clan will do their utmost to repay their obligations, even if it proves detrimental.  

Trickster: Gambling
Trickster Gambling


Random Event

Requires Trickster on the ring

Event Dialogue

The men of the <X> clan arrive at the boundaries of your tula, pulling a cart loaded down with grain. They seem unhappy. When asked what it happening, they explain that they are paying off a bet. "Your clan-mate, <Trickster>, was gambling with our chieftain. All night long he lost. He lost at every game he played, and went further into debt. Then on the last game of dice, he won everything back and more. We suspect he used trickster magic, but will pay our debt, because we are an honorable clan."

  1. Allow them to keep the grain.
  2. Give them a reciprocal gift.
  3. Give them hospitality.
  4. Graciously accept <Trickster>'s winnings.
  5. Tell them that <Trickster> is a trickster.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Telling the men to keep their grain enrages them.  While you may think you're being generous, the <X clan> will view it as an insult, interpreting it as your belief they are unable to pay their debts. 
  • Giving them hospitality or gifts will make them forget the incident, and praise your generosity. 
  • Graciously accepting the winnings fills your food stores and maintains good relations with the <X clan>.
  • Telling the men they were defeated by <Trickster> will worsen relations with their clan slightly as the <X clan> will feel cheated.  However, you will still get the winnings, and increase your food stores as a result.

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