Trickster Idol
More enthusiasm than skill in this crafting


Random Event

Requires Trickster on the ring

Having a trickster on the ring is always a mixed blessing, and this event is just one shining example of it....

Event Dialogue

The priests and priestesses are outraged! Someone has snuck into the temple of <Deity with the best temple> and left a crude, muddy effigy right in the middle of it! The people are concerned that this is a curse, or some other form of bad magic.
  1. Convince people it is wise to leave the effigy right where it is.
  2. Dedicate statue to Eurmal and move it to its own sacred hut.
  3. Destroy it and conduct a ritual to purify the temple.
  4. Destroy it and have the chief publicly beat <Trickster> to show the clan's displeasure.
  5. Sneak it into another clan's best temple.

King of Dragon Pass


Your trickster will own up as soon as you tap his/her portrait, leaving you with a difficult choice to make.

  • You can try to convince the clergy and clan to leave the idol alone, where it now stands. This is by far the hardest thing to pull off as you need a quite eloquent speaker (other than the trickster as he/she'll be as convincing as Sylvester with a mouth full of Tweety) to prevent a plummet in morale and piety.  If you convince the people to leave it, you will find attempts for persuasion, and other verbal shenanigans working much better.
  • Dedicating the idol to Eurmal and enshrining it can (potentially) be the best thing to do. If Eurmal thinks it's a hoot, more luck will drift your way. If he doesn't, then no harm done. If you treated tricksters poorly he might take offense though.
  • Destroying the idol and purifying the temple can ease tension in the clan, but might make your trickster less tractable.
  • Destroying the idol and having the chief beat the trickster is possibly the worst choice by default, as this is most likely to invoke Eurmal's wrath.  Bad luck to thee in other words, that won't pass easily.
  • Sneak it into another clan's temple. You saw the effect it had on your clergy and clan, though the trickster's quick admission prevented any harm done through panic. Now imagine one opposing clan running around like headless chickens because of the appearance of the idol.  However, it might work if you have to have a capable individual do it, such as a follower of Odayla.  If caught, they will be hounded by the other clan.

Note:  As implied in the title, the only way to have this event occur is to have a devotee of Eurmal on your clan ring.


  • The idol will crumble after 5-10 years, the godstalkers will remove it from the shrine, which will then collapse. Your trickster (if alive) will soon replace it though, in the best temple.
  • The idol resembles a small wickerman, used to burn sacrifices and such. Other effigies meant to be burned in sacrifice have been seen on earth in olden times as well.

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