Troll: Clan Destruction
Perhaps we can all talk about this over a pint?


Chain Event

Previous Troll: Dire Warning

It's safe to say that if you have reached this point, you have probably made some poor choices.

Event Dialogue

A huge force of trolls, led by the legendary Cragspider the Firewitch, descend on your tula. They kill everyone in sight, combatants and noncombatants alike. Cragspider proves to be a fearsome foe; her bolts of flame alone are responsible for killing perhaps a third of your people. The troll warriors who accompany her do their fair share of killing too. A few brave survivors witness the aftermath from a vantage point in the forest. The trolls loot your steads, and round up your livestock. They slaughter the animals and throw the carcasses onto large wagons. They do the same with the corpses of the slain. The corpses that do not fit on the wagons are devoured by the trolls, on the spot.

  1. Disband the clan.
  2. Soldier on, despite impossible odds.


Things are pretty much over. I'm fairly certain that there is no way to continue the game for more than a few seasons after this before you see the Dispersal of Your Clan.

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