Troll: Dire Warning


Chain Event

Happens when Bad relations with trolls
Next Troll: Clan Destruction

Whether they are your ancestral enemy, or you just don't care to have them around, the trolls survived when all the humans were pushed out of Dragon Pass.  As a result, if they feel you've done too much, they will send out this warning.

Event Dialogue

Trollkin come to the tula to deliver a message from the trolls.  "OOh, ah.  Mistress Cragspider says, 'You have ann--ann--ann--bothered the trolls enough.  Any further ann--ann--ann-botherment and she made at you, so she kill you all.  Personally maybe even.  That's not exactly what she said.  I forget exactly what she said.  But main thing is, she kill you if you not stop bothering trolls."  Timidly, another one adds:  "Also please personal message from us do not kill messengers please."
  1. Promise not to offend Cragspider any further.
  2. Release the trollkin from their chains.
  3. Send tribute to Cragspider.
  4. Take them prisoner.
  5. "We make no promises to mere trollkin."

King of Dragon Pass


  • You can make a promise to Cragspider, improves things a little bit, but results matter more than words.
  • Releasing the trollkin, while pleasing to the trollkin, does nothing to alleviate your tension with the trolls.
  • Sending tribute is actually a step in the right direction.  The greater the tribute, the better relations improve.
  • You can take the trollkin prisoner, but this doesn't alleviate your problems with Cragspider, and in fact worsens it.  In addition, you have to decide what to do with the trollkin.  You may keep them as thralls, sacrifice them to a deity, free them, or ransom them to Cragspider (resulting in certain death for the emissary and escort).
  • Making no promises to trollkin worsens relations a little, and you still are left with what to do.

Note:  If you get this warning, the trolls are obviously angry with your clan.   However, there are ways to alleviate this.  For one, don't send people up to the north-east corner in the Skyfall Lake region and annoy Cragspider.  When troll events come up, you can try to favor the trolls more.  If raided by trolls, try to just drive them off...or if you capture them, don't kill them out of hand.  The best choice, is to undergo the Issaries the Concilliator heroquest, choosing trolls as the people to improve relations with.


In the PC version, It doesn't appear that the trolls will destroy your clan, even though they warn you about your actions (This was determined after several playthroughs actively trying to get the destruction event).  If anyone can show how this is accomplished, that would be great, but it currently seems to be a bug.

If it was a bug, it must be resolved. I triggered the event on the PC, I guess, by breaking the promise not to re-visit the northeast & constantly killing troll captives after their attacks.

In the iOS version you can trigger a "Troll: Clan Destruction" exactly as if you've anethemized the Beastfolk. This is possible if you have/had in your possession the Iron Spike and subsequently (even if you relinquished it) made it a point of killing as many trolls as possible in every encounter. I had a shrine to Maran Gor and was genociding trolls to turbocharge agricultural output. They were not my ancestral enemy.

Note:  If someone with the iOS version is able to send a picture, and the event text, that would be great. 

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