Troll Caravan


Random Event

It may come as a surprise to some Orlanthi that there are trolls who would rather engage in commerce than spill the lifeblood of their foes.

Event Dialogue

<X>, a trader of our clan, heard rumors of a bizarre caravan approaching from the north.  She went to see it for herself, and now reports that the rumors are true.  It is a troll caravan transporting goods south to the Shadow Plateau in the Holy Country.  The trolls use giant insects as beasts of burden; they are slow-moving and only travel at night.
  1. Approach the trolls and see if they want to trade. 
  2. Assemble other clans for a joint raid.
  3. Do nothing.
  4. Offer gifts to the trolls.
  5. Raid the caravan.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you approach the trolls peacefully and assuming you have good relations with the trolls, then you can make a profit. The better the trader, the better the exchange occurs in your favor.
  • Trolls can be potent fighters, especially when traveling in a caravan. If you decide to raid, then joining other clans increases the chances of your success.  However, you will have to share the spoils of a successful raid with your partners. This action will anger the trolls as a whole. If trolls were your ancestral enemies, then success will increase your clan magic.
  • Doing nothing does no harm unless trolls were your ancestral enemies. Just letting them go can lower your clan magic.
  • If relations are bad with trolls and you wish to improve them, then giving them gifts would be the way to go.
  • You can try to raid the trolls yourself, but realize you bear all the costs of failure. Success will give you a good amount of trade goods. If trolls were your ancestral enemies, then success will increase your clan magic. The trolls will naturally be angry after this raid.

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