Troll Hero


Random Event

Event Dialogue

A huge troll seeks permission to enter your tula as a guest. "You soft-skin think you mighty like troll. I, Umulguk, daugter of Umkotor, make challenge to you. If you have mighty champion". Then she smashed a nearby boulder into shards with her mace. Your weaponthanes eye each other uneasily".
  1. Acept her challenge.
  2. Acept her challenge, if she wagers something valuable.
  3. Decline.
  4. Attack her.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you decide to accept her challenge, if she wagers something valuable: "If you win, I not eat you." Then she made noise almost like a war-drum. "You not laugh, so maybe you trollkin. Or I give gold head-thing you win, you give many food you lose. And goose."
    Now you can either Agree to the wager or Decline
  • If you agree (options 1 or 2): "Good. What human I beat?" The weaponthanes remain conspicuously silent. After you choose the character who will be clan´s champion: "Good. We eat. Most eat is winner".
    The options are: That´s not a duel! or Proceed with the contest.
  • If you choose option 2 and lost: "<name> gamely ate a hen and some bread, but could not hope to match the ravenous troll. Several hours later, after she proclaimed herself full, Umulguk claimed her winnings. The carls were dismayed that the ring agreed to this. She thanked us "for snack" and departed."


  • If you succeed, you can improve relations with trolls.
  • A trickster can use his magic to win if he is the champion.
  • Wagering something valuable puts 75 bushels of food at risk.

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