Trolls sometimes called the Uz, are stunted humanoids with great physical strength and a brutal outlook on life. They are not friendly towards Orlanthi, especially those whose ancestors fought against Boztakang their Troll lord.


The trolls mostly live far to the north east in Skyfall Lake, although some can be found in the Stinking Forest.


Definitely nocturnal, trolls may operate during the day, though not very well.  Trolls also bear a great weakness to iron.


Trolls actually comprise a good number of species.   Some of them include the following.

Troll Mothers

The most powerful are the Troll Mothers, who are the rarest of their kind, and may rival the gods in terms of power. 

Dark Trolls

The dark trolls tend to have the greatest contact on the surface, and may lead hordes into combat.


The weakest species are undoubtedly the Trollkin, though possibly greatest of their number. The trolls don't seem to care about the fate of their simple-minded offspring, and killing them won't affect your standing with the trolls too drastically. Eurmal is particularly fond of the trollkin, and sacrificing them to him if you have the chance will increase your clan magic. Additionally, the trollkin can be taken as thralls without penalty, even if your ancestors were against thralldom, simply because they are not human.


  • To a troll, the only thing more expendable than a trollkin is three trollkin.  -- Ring Member
  • Trolls don't value things the same way humans do; they like edible things most of all.  Then again, they consider most things edible... -- Ring Member
  • Do not think that the spoils will be great. Trolls consider lead coins to be as good as cows. -- Ring Member
  • Our ancestors once served loyally under a king who was an immortal troll. -- Ring Member
  • <The Cooking Clan> defeated their ancient enemies, the trolls, in a great cooking contest that turned the waters of Skyfall Lake to rancid butter.  -- Ring Member
  • Some peoples of Glorantha have suffered curses that have lasted hundreds of years.  The trolls, who are cursed to bear only stunted children, come to mind.


Events involving trolls are:

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