Tusk Rider Raid


Random Event

Tusk Riders are one of many foes you face in Dragon Pass.  Split into many groups, you can't make peace with them as a whole, but that doesn't mean you still can't make use of their services...

Event Dialogue

A small group of Tusk Riders raids your tula.  They break into a stead and take some stored food.
  1. Do nothing
  2. Offer to pay Tusk Riders to attack another clan.
  3. Offer tribute to the Tusk Riders
  4. Sacrifice to the gods for aid against Tusk Riders.
  5. Send a war party to hunt for Tusk Riders.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Sometimes you get variants which states the Tusk Riders killed one of your people or that they desecrated one of your temples, but they are essentially the same encounter as this.


  • If you do nothing, the morale of your clan drops since it is supposed to be your responsibility to keep them safe.
  • Tusk Riders are nothing but opportunists, and you can certainly send them against your foes.  However, make sure you can afford to pay their price.  It should stand to reason that the target clan may also grow angry if they find out you were behind the attack.
  • Tusk Riders will accept tribute, but they may return for a bigger share as well.
  • If successful, sacrificing to the gods can aid you in battle, or direct the Tusk Riders elsewhere.  If it fails, then you may suffer a greater number of raids.
  • If you are certain of your martial skills, you can certainly send a war party out to take down any Tusk Riders they find.  However, you may also lose a war party this way. 

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