Two-Headed Calf


Random Event

Anything born far from the norm is looked at closely, just in case it is infested by Chaos.  If the people think it is, even free of chaos-taint, the people will put it down...permanently. 

Event Dialogue

Your carls get a rude shock while helping a cow give birth; the calf has two heads!  The people are very frightented.  The attending priestess of Uralda immediately destroys the deformed creature.
  1. Do nothing.
  2. Sacrifice to Uralda for protection from deformed cattle.
  3. Sacrifice to Urox for protection from chaos.
  4. Send for shamans to scare away bad spirits.
  5. Send for Uroxi warriors to scour your lands of chaos.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If there have been no other eruptions of chaos, then you would probably be fine on doing nothing.
  • Sacrificing to Uralda will specifically protect your cattle (such as stop the emergence of broos), but may not touch on other chaos creatures.
  • Sacrificing to Urox will help protect you from all forms of chaos, though he may not be as reliable as the more focused Uralda.  This does not stop any chaos taint which may already be on your land.
  • Shamans may end up being cheaper than sacrifices to both gods.  However, their magic only redirects the spirits, and another clan may end up as a victim.  That clan may come to you wanting compensation for the damage inflicted on them.
  • If you suspect there is taint on your land, then Uroxi warriors will root it out.  Sometimes, the Uroxi won't come, or else they find nothing (and then you essentially pay them for doing nothing).

==Note==  If there is chaos taint on your land, then this sign may be enough to cause an eruption of a Chaos event.

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