Two Missing Daughters Now


Chain Event

Previous Young Woman Seeks Asylum
Next Hand of Vengeance
Clan Reunion

When the daughter of another clan was turned away, little did you know you would soon experience that same problem.

Event Dialogue

<X> and <Y>, a noble couple, report of their daughter, <Z>.  "It is that girl, <W>, we turned away when she sought to join our clan," <Y> despairs.  "When we told her to go, she gave a hateful look to <Z>, as if remembering her face for later vengeance!  I should have thought more of it at the time!"
  1. Assume that <Z> is dead; console her family
  2. Conduct a divination ritual
  3. Send a search party to look for <Z> in the wilderness
  4. Send emissaries to nearby clans, looking for <Z>
  5. Send emissaries to nearby clans, looking for <W>

King of Dragon Pass


  • If your magic is strong, divination may be the best way to find the missing woman.  Search parties, or emissaries can be useful as well, though it requires a bit of luck.  If you discover your missing clanswoman, you will find <W> was behind it, and will seek further vengeance in Babeester Gor: Hand of Vengeance.
  • If you are unable to find the missing daughter, or choose not to waste the resources, then some of the clan will be saddened.  However, just because someone is missing doesn't mean they're dead. In this case, the next event you encounter will be: Babeester Gor: Clan Reunion

Quest Chain

Young Woman
Seeks Asylum
Two Missing
Daughters Now
I'd Like My
Daughter Back
Clan Reunion
Hand of Vengeance

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