Ty Kora Tek's Sanctum


Chain Event

Previous Limbo

When in the space between the god-realms, the quester can easily find themself visiting other locales, much to their chagrin.  Some are more desireable than others, since this is the lair Ty Kora Tek, goddess of the dead.

Event Dialogue

<X> finds herself/himself in the halls of the dead.  "This is not my home," she/he says.  But when she/he tries to leave, the way is barred by Ty Kora Tek, the grim goddess of the dead.  "All who come here must remain," she says.  "But you are not quite dead, by some measures.  Tell me which one of these tokens best represents your spirit, and I may let you leave."
  1. The brain
  2. The eye
  3. The fist
  4. The heart
  5. The horn
  6. The lips
  7. The seeds

King of Dragon Pass


Successfully choosing the right token will return the quester.  A wrong choice may send you back to Limbo, or convince Ty Kora Tek to keep you in the lands of the dead.

Note: The correct choice seems to depend on the heroquest you were on before ending up here. Chances are, if you were doing the Humakt heroquest for example, choosing "the seeds" will fail, as it has nothing to do with Humakt: "the fist" might be more appropriate in this case.

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