Ugliest Man in Dragon Pass
A face only a mother can love...on second thought, no.


Random Event

Sometimes, people expect the clan ring to do miracles...

Event Dialogue

<X>, a carl of your clan, urges you to seek a bride for him.  "I know people say they find me hard to look at, but I have a good heart, I am kind, and I uphold all the Orlanthi virtues.  Surely I deserve a good wife.
  1. Refuse him.
  2. Seek a bride for him.
  3. Seek a bride, offering her clan a gift in addition to the bride price.
  4. Tell him to ask later, when you are not so busy.
  5. Use trickster magic to make him seem handsome.
  6. "You must accept that your lot in life is to be unmarried."

King of Dragon Pass

For the trickster magic option to appear, a trickster must be on your clan ring.


  • You can tell him to come back later, and he truly will.
  • You can refuse him outright. He is likely to come back, but there is a small chance for him to commit suicide, thus ending the event loop at the cost of your clan's mood.
  • You must be persuasive to convince him to accept it, but it's the most positive outcome. Chances are better if he's already experienced marriage and divorce.
  • It is possible to find him a wife, though not easy.
  • If necessary, you can always grease the wheels a little to see if a woman finds him more...acceptable.
  • Trickster magic doesn't cost you anything, but realize that it will elapse at some point in the future.



A sad end for an unfortunate man.

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