Unrepentant Agitator


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Even if your clan is enjoying unparalleled success, there will be those who have nothing positive to say...ever...

Event Dialogue

<X>, the daughter of a thane, is causing trouble for the ring.  She seems to do nothing but agitate against your decisions.  She has convinced the carls that you favor the weaponthanes, and the weaponthanes that you favor the carls.  She says that you have dishonored the clan ancestors, that your rulings are unjust, and that your management of the clan's wealth leaves much to be desired.
  1. Ignore the situation.
  2. Offer her compensation in exchange for her silence.
  3. Outlaw her.
  4. Persuade her that her words harm the unity of the clan.
  5. Threaten her with outlawry.
  6. Try to marry her off to another clan.

King of Dragon Pass


  • There seems to be no way to silence the agitator.  She won't take compensation, viewing it as obvious bribery, and she is extremely good at arguing her case, making her virtually unpersuadable
  • Threats don't faze her as well, so a threat of outlawry just won't work.
  • You can ignore the situation, but if your clan suffers bad morale, then the agitator can make the matter much worse.
  • You might be able to marry her off, but if she was bad with your clan, imagine how she will be with her husband's clan.
  • Outlawing may be the best course, but she occasionally has more knowledge of Orlanthi traditions, and makes a legal reason why she can't be outlawed. Additionally, if you successfully outlaw her, her supporters might complain until everyone feels sorry for her, and is angry with the ring
  • Even more annoying, if something isn't done, this event has a tendency to come up again and again as the agitator keeps up her rabble-rousing.


  • If you do manage to get her married off, the agitator returns in Unrepentant Agitator: Divorced.
  • If she hasn't been outlawed before Dispersal of Your Clan, the agitator plays an additional role and even has an extra page of text devoted to her fate. It turns out that complaining about everything doesn't make too many friends.

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