Unrepentant Agitator: Divorced


Chain Event

Previous Unrepentant Agitator

You may have thought her safely married off, but the Unrepentant Agitator is back...

Event Dialogue

<X> returns from the <Y clan> tula.  She brings her dowry back with her, and more wealth besides.  "They treated me intolerably," she complains.  "The man you married me to was worse than an ox, and his kin all stank wretchedly.  Their clan is almost as badly ruled as this one.  Its ring competes with ours for sheer stupidity.  Divorce was the only option."  She then asks what has happened in her absence, and immediately starts ridiculing them for decisions taken while she was away.
  1. Ignore the situation.
  2. Offer her compensation in exchange for her silence.
  3. Outlaw her.
  4. Persuade her that her words harm the unity of the clan.
  5. Shuffle the ring a bit.
  6. Try to marry her off to yet another clan.

King of Dragon Pass


She's back, and angrier than ever. 

  • Once again, persuasion, bribes, and threats won't silence her.
  • Ignoring the situation may trigger another negative event if the clan's mood is not good.
  • If you shuffle the ring, you must put new members on it, and this will satisfy her, but only for a time before she grumbles about the new leaders.
  • You might find another clan willing to marry her, but she will be back.
  • Once more, outlawing her may be the best choice, though there is a chance she may argue for staying, but by this point, she'll have very few supporters left, if any at all.


If you marry her off, then this event will repeat.  If she stays with the clan, then the Unrepentant Agitator event will come around again.

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