Uralda's Blessing is a heroquest, where the quester reinacts the feats of Uralda, the Cow Goddess, when she united her people with humanity.

Note:  There are several factors which can go into whether a heroquest is successful or not.  These include the level of the clan's magic, the level of the quester's own Magic level, whether the quester is a worshipper of the deity whose quest they are reenacting, what treasures you possess, how close they follow the actions of the original myth, etc.

As a result, success on one choice doesn't guarantee success if you redo the heroquest at a later point, even if you follow the exact footsteps of the myth itself.

Read the Heroquest page for tips on how to improve your chances of success.


You can read the full myth in game, from your lore screen, or Uralda's Blessing (myth)


You can ask one of several benefits from successfully completing this heroquest

  • Cows are more valuable or healthier
  • Gain a herd of cows or a magical cow
  • Increase the cow knowledge of our people or the quester (It Animal, Leadership, Combat)
  • Protect our cows from bad fortune
  • Gain dominion over bulls and bull-headed people

Additionally, successfully completing the heroquest grants a secondary benefit increasing cattle fertility, and reducing cattle disease

The Quester

There is one restriction to your choice of questers for this heroquest:

  • Men cannot attempt Uralda's heroquest.

Other than that one rule, the choice is yours. Keep in mind that Uralda worshippers have of course a better chance at succeeding.

Walkthrough (summarized)

See the extended walkthrough below for more details (likelihood of success based on options, consequences, etc.).

Note: Success will grant you your chosen benefit, however the quester will be injured upon their return.

  • Find a high place and watch the two-legs when they leave
  • Suffer the attack (3 times)
  • Make the secret sign of Ernalda from a cave
    • If this does not succeed try to beg them for mercy, then to ask Ernalda to heal you. Running away leads to limbo.
  • Ignore the bulls. Bring the cows with you, and the bulls will follow.
  • A little lost blood is nothing when there is life to be given.

Walkthrough of the Heroquest


Stage 1

This is the first part of the quest.  Essentially, this is the benefit you are seeking to gain.

The people have gathered to help propel <name> into the place of the gods.

Uralda's Blessing tells the story of the Cow Mother, and how she came to protect her four legged people by sheltering them among the two-legged people of Ernalda's clan.  What benefits do you seek from this heroquest?

  1. Make the cows more valuable
  2. Gain powers of persuasion over bulls and bull-headed people
  3. Gain a herd of cows
  4. Make the cows healthier
  5. Protect the cows from bad fortune
  6. Increase <name>'s cow knowledge
  7. Increase the cow knowledge of the people
  8. Gain a magical cow

King of Dragon Pass


Some variation of this includes whether you bring additional worshippers from outside, or the disappearance of option 8 if you already possess the Clay Cow. 


You may not even get beyond Stage 1, especially if you've done other heroquests in the same year.  Success means you go to Stage 2.


Stage 2

<name> goes back to an ancient time, a time before Umath, before Yelm, and long before Orlanth.  Everything is good.  There is good pasture land, and <name>'s four-legged people eat well.  But not everyone is well-fed.  Two-legged people come and beg <name>'s bulls for help.  "We have found this thing called hunger, and would like your bulls to chase it away," they say.
  1. Encourage the bulls to chase the two-legs away
  2. Encourage the bulls to help the two-legs
  3. Find a high place and watch the two-legs when they leave
  4. Let the bulls chase the two-legs away
  5. Promise the two-legs that you will help them later
  6. Prepare to be attacked by biting things
  7. Sacrifice cows to lend <name> strength

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Within the myth, Uralda was at a high place and watched where the two-legs went to (Option 3).  However, picking this option is no guarantee of success.


Any of these choices can lead to Stage 3, but sacrificing cows leads to a reduction of cattle in the mortal realm.  If you are really lucky, picking option 2 may lead to you Stage 7 of the heroquest)


Stage 3

Then the biting things come.  There are the small biting things, who run circles around <name>'s children.  There are the large biting things, who jump out of gullies and from on top of rocks, who knock down the cows and tear out their throats.  And there are all kinds of biting things in between. <name> does not have the kind of magic that can stop this.  So <name> embarks on a journey to the tula of the two-legs.  On the journey, <name> is attacked by small biting things.
  1. Suffer the attack
  2. Run away
  3. Drive off the biting things

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Within the myth, Uralda withstood the attack, but it is possible to drive away the biting things, or running from them. 


If you successfully suffer the attack 3 times, you go to Stage 4.  Failure can result in the quester going to Limbo or even death.


Stage 4

<name> attempts to enter the two-leg camp, but the two-legged bulls try to capture her and pen her up.
  1. Ask Ernalda to heal you
  2. Beg them for mercy
  3. Leave the realm of the gods
  4. Make the secret sign of Ernalda
  5. Run away from them

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Any of the above work, though with Uralda's Blessing (myth), Uralda made a secret sign from a cave (picking the secret sign opens up other locations, and these may also be successful).


Success goes to Stage 5. Leaving the god-realm keeps your quester alive, but you do lose the magic the clan invested in the heroquest.  Running away leads to Limbo.


Stage 5

So <name> heads back to her people, this time with some of Ernalda's two-legged bulls to protect her.  She tells her bulls to order the herd to get ready for a journey to the land of the two-legs.  The bulls do not understand why this should be so.
  1. Ignore the bulls.  Bring the cows with you, and the bulls will follow.
  2. Leave the realm of the gods. 
  3. "See my wounds?  This is what the two-legs will protect us from."
  4. "The two legs will protect us from biting things, and give us shelter." 
  5. "The two legs will think they rule us, but we will secretly rule them."

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Within the myth, Uralda herself had the cows follow her, knowing the bulls would follow.  The other options can work, though.


Success goes to Stage 6.  Failure is a bit less harsh, and just makes you leave the realm of the gods.


Stage 6

This is a bit of a freebie.  You get a little flavor text depending on which option worked in Stage 5, and then you automatically go to Stage 7.  Success from Option 1 in Stage 1 nets you the following:

They also did not want to be without cows so they followed.  Which is something you can always count on bulls to do, in the end.  They followed her all the way to the two-leg encampment, where they lived for some time. 

King of Dragon Pass


Stage 7

You are almost finished, but there is a final obstacle:

But then the bulls make a terrible discovery.  Some of the cows are disappearing!  The bulls have seen the two-legs cutting up cow bodies, roasting their flesh, and devouring it as a cow would devour grass!  The bulls come to Uralda trembling, their bravado gone.  "You tricked us," they say, "These two-legs are just like the biting things, except now we are trapped!"
  1. "A little lost blood is nothing when there is life to be given."
  2. "It is the lot in life of four-legs to be eaten by the two-legs, who are our masters."
  3. Leave the realm of the gods.
  4. Sing them a maternal lullabye.
  5. "Shut up and obey your mother."

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Within the Uralda's Blessing (myth), Uralda picks option 1, though the choices may net success.


By this point, you  either get success, or failure.  Failure may allow you to pick another choice, or it may result in the quester's departure, or even death.


Stage 8

Making it to this point grants you success.  Congratulations.

<name> returns to the land of mortals, her quest a successful one despite her wounds.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Succeeding in this quest means the quester, upon her return, will be in a wounded state.  Passage of time, or Chalana Arroy's blessing Healing will restore the quester.


Picking 'magical cow' in Stage 1, and completing the heroquest grants you the treasure:

Note:  If you picked 'increase cow knowledge' (whether for the quester, or 'the people'), this means an increase to the Animal skill.

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