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Vigilance is one of the prices the Orlanthi must pay to stop the spread of Chaos.  As a result, sometimes tough decisions have to be made...

Event Dialogue

<X> the <adjective>, a wandering holy warrior of Urox, has decided that the herds of <Y> may be infected by chaotic broos.  If he’s right, the cattle certainly must be destroyed; otherwise they’ll breed monsters.  If he’s wrong, however, you’ll be losing valuable cattle for no good reason.
  1. Destroy <Y>’s cattle.
  2. Persuade <X> that he is mistaken.
  3. Question <X> to see if you can trust his judgement.
  4. Send <X> away.
  5. Conduct a ritual to test the herd's health.
  6. Conduct a ritual to sense Chaos

King of Dragon Pass


  • Option 5 will not appear if you don't have a follower of Uralda on your clan ring.
  • Option 6 will not appear if you don't have a follower of Urox on your clan ring.


It is possible that if you save the cattle, broos may arise.  However, if you've done a good job keeping Chaos at bay, there is a good chance the Uroxi is wrong.

  • Destruction of the cattle guarantees no broo infection.
  • If you believe the Uroxi is wrong, you can try to persuade him.  Successful persuasion acknowledges he can be wrong, while failure has him leaving, worsening relations with the cult of Urox.
  • Uroxi, while fervent, and definitely deadly against Chaos, often aren't the brightest of people.  They are known to get things wrong, and you can test as to whether you wish to trust <X>'s judgment.
  • You can plain send <X> away, but this does worsen relations with Uroxi in general.
  • A successful ritual of the herd's health will indicate whether they are infected or not.  If you don't have someone skilled in magic, the ritual has a good chance of failure.
  • Your own Uroxi could tell whether there is Chaos among your herd or not.  If he detects it, then you should put down the infected.


This event may continue in Baby Broos, though some of it depends just how strong the touch of Chaos is around your tula.

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