God Blessing Description Affects
Ancestors Divination Answers questions (about the land and possible curses) People
Ancestors Protection Defends against hostile spirits People
Ancestors Summons of Evil Summons ancient enemies in order to defeat them Diplomacy/War
Barntar Plowsong Allows oxen to plow more crops Crops
Barntar Vigor Lets farmers work more productively Crops
Chalana Arroy Curing Hastens recovery of sick people People
Chalana Arroy Healing Hastens recovery of wounded people People
Chalana Arroy Hope Improves the people's morale People
Chalana Arroy Resurrection Restores the dead to life People
Elmal Horsefriend Prolongs the life of horses Herds
Elmal Shield Reduces the number of deaths and wounds among weaponthanes War
Elmal Steadfast Improves chances when defending War
Elmal Sun Helps ripen the crops Crops
Ernalda Bless Children Increases the fertility of women People
Ernalda Bless Crops Improves crop yield, especially of barley Crops
Ernalda Preserve Helps preserve food against spoilage Crops
Ernalda Swine Blessing Increases the fertility of sows Herds
Eurmal Bless Blesses the clan People
Eurmal Curse Curses another clan Diplomacy/War
Humakt Battle Luck Improves chance of winning a battle War
Humakt Morale Improves the ability of warriors in battle War
Humakt Oath Seals bonds between clans Diplomacy
Humakt Truesword Weaponthanes fight with the strength of two War
Issaries Market Improves the profit of the market Trade
Issaries Silvertongue Helps traders and negotiators Trade
Issaries Spare Grain Obtains extra food via trade Trade
Issaries Trading Improves the profit od trading missions Trade
Kero Fin Maternal Ward ? People
Lhankor Mhy Clan Lore Helps divine the truth People
Lhankor Mhy Divination Answers questions (about other clans) Diplomacy
Lhankor Mhy Lawspeaker Aids in legal cases; ensures that the clan mood isn't soured by unresolved disputes People
Lhankor Mhy Literacy Helps dealings with other clans Diplomacy
Malia Cause Plague Sends a plague to another clan's tula Diplomacy/War (Dangerous)
Malia Curing Restores sick people to health People (Dangerous)
Malia Immunity Grants immunity from a plague People (Drangerous)
Maran Gor Blast Earth Curses another clan's fields Diplomacy/War
Maran Gor Earthblood Improves the fertility of fields when people are killed on them Crops
Odayla Friend of Yinkin Reduces food spoilage due to rats and vermin Crops
Odayla Sureshot Improves hunting yield Hunting
Odayla Tracking Helps find things Exploration/Trade
Orlanth Lightning Deals out more wounds in battle War
Orlanth Rain Helps raise crops Crops
Orlanth Thunderstone Improves the effectiveness of skirmishers War
Orlanth Woad Reduces the number of deaths and wounds among farmers War
Uralda Calf Blessing Increases the fertillity of cows Herds
Uralda Milk Blessing Increases the yield of cows Herds
Urox Berserker Increases the chance of victory, with more deaths and wounds on both sides War
Urox Sense Chaos Helps warn against chaos incursions War
Urox Smite Chaos Improves chances of fighting against chaos War
Vinga Fyrdwomen Allows the women to defend the tula War
Vinga Pathfinder Enhances explorers Exploration/Trade

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