Value of Words


Random Event

A tribe's value is judged by the actions of its clans, for good or ill.  In this turn of events, your actions have brought actions which affect your tribe as a whole.

Event Dialogue

<X>, a thane of the <Y> tribe and a confidant of its king/queen, comes to protest.  "You made an alliance with us, but your clan raided the <Z clan>.  Does your word mean nothing?
  1. As a gesture of goodwill, propose a war against a third tribe.
  2. Break off the alliance.
  3. Mock him.
  4. Offer compensation.
  5. Promise not to do it again.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If your warriors are getting restless from peace, but you wish to retain good relations with the <Y>, try to declare war against a third tribe.  However, if you aren't persuasive enough, or are untrustworthy, you will have to pick another option.
  • If you wish to be free of your obligations, then you can simply break off the alliance.  However, your relations with the other tribe will obviously suffer.
  • It is possible that breaking off the alliance will worsen your reputation with other tribes, or clans... unless you get the other tribe to make the decision. Mocking them may be enough to do the job.  However, the other tribe may take it in stride, remaining nominal allies. 
  • If you value the alliance with the other tribe, then offering compensation is probably the best choice.  However, this can get expensive, especially if you do more raiding in the future.
  • Promising not to do it again may work well, especially if you are known for keeping your word.  However, this may not be enough assurance for the tribe, and you may have to pick another option.

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