are undead creatures of Chaos.  They are pale, clammy creatures which cast no shadow, nor reflection.  They can be from any race, but are usually human.  Only carnivorous or omnivorous sentients can be made into vampires.

Vampires must feed on sentient beings to survive, so you won't see them feeding on oxen or pigs.  They can turn into mist at will as well as taking the form of a wolf or bat. 

By concentrating, a vampire can attempt to enthrall someone, making them motionless.

They regenerate from their wounds, except for damage taken from fire or daylight. A stake through the heart, a beheading, as well immersion in running water can slay a vampire.

Vampires have a strong aversion to crosses and thus Humakti.  In fact the presence of a cross can stop their magic and prevent enthrallment.

Their chaos god, Vivamort, teaches them to infect others with their unliving magic.



  • Vampires serve the Chaos god Vivamort, who teaches them to infect others with their unliving magic.--Ring Member

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