Vengeance for a Raid


Random Event

Happens when Recently raided

As often as raids happen, it is a wonder Orlanthi society hasn't drowned in a sea of blood...

Event Dialogue

Warriors from the <V> clan have snuck onto your tula and killed one of our carls, <W>.  They identified themselves as <X> and <Y>, and let <W>'s son go so that we would know they did this to avenge their uncle <Z>, who had been killed during a raid by <W>'s brother, <C>.
  1. Bide your time.
  2. Demand wergild for <W>.
  3. Insist that the <V> outlaw the killers.
  4. Launch a raid against the <W>.
  5. Send weaponthanes to kill <X> and <Y>.
  6. Send weaponthanes to kill one of their relatives.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  This will occur after a recent raid you did on the <V> clan.


  • Your clan expects action, but biding your time may the best course of action, especially if you expect to respond in violence, but find yourself in Sea or Earth season.
  • A staple of Orlanthi society, you can demand weregild A strong denial will irritate your clan, and your people will expect you to do something about it.
  • Demanding the <V> to outlaw the killers is even less likely to occur than demanding wergild.  However, if you are sufficiently persuasive, or cowed them militarily, the <V> may acquiesce to your request.  This will lower your relations with the <V>, though.
  • Sometimes blood demands blood, and you may initiate a raid.  Success raises the spirit of your clan, but failure will exacerbate the peoples' foul mood.  Once again, try not to raid during Sea or Earth season.
  • If you wish to meet blow with blow, but can't afford to pull your farmers away from their fields, then you can send your weaponthanes to catch up, and kill <X> and <Y>.  Your warriors may ambush <X> and <Y> on their clan's land, but this also exposes your weaponthanes to reprisal from the <V>'s forces. 
  • An easier choice than just killing <X> and <Y>, you may decide to target one of their relatives.  This can succeed rather well, but definitely escalates the cycle of violence with the <V clan>.

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