King of Dragon Pass is a complex game,with many events and what not that make for a unique experience every time you start anew. Therefore you may want to share some of your (current) gameplay here in the Video Vault.

Here you'll find just about any video that has to do with this game, add to our repository if you will. NB: We're currently in need of content here, please add your vids.

King of Dragon Pass Official Trailer

King of Dragon Pass Official Trailer01:41

King of Dragon Pass Official Trailer

HeroCraft's Android Trailer

Gameplay videos

Here you can show us the triumphs and tragedies of your clan in KoDP.


Here you'll soon find the sounds of KoDP. Currently, there's only one but that'll be remedied asap.

King of Dragon Pass - Soundtrack32:54

King of Dragon Pass - Soundtrack

The complete soundtrack in one go

Comparison videos

Here you'll find videos that compare the two versions (PC&IOS) of the game.


Here go videos that do not fall in any other catagory.

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