The goddess of Adventurers and female warriors
Rune Rune Vinga



Vinga, the Adventuress, is the patron of women born with the heart of a warrior. She is also the patron of adventurers.

Shrines and Temples

You tula can only support a shrine to Vinga.


If you sacrifice to Vinga, she may bless you with the following :

  • Fyrdwomen: Allows the women to defend the tula.
  • Pathfinder : Enhances the explorers.


Vinga's worshippers are called Vingans. They are always portrayed with flaming red hair, like Vinga herself.

On the Ring

Having a Vingan on the Ring allows you to put more magic into War during Sacred Time.

For Heroquests

Vingans can attempt Orlanth's heroquests (The Making of the Storm Tribe, Orlanth and Aroka) without any penalty, as if they were worshippers of Orlanth.


  • Vinga said, "Because my hair is the color of blood, I will not bleed tonight.  It is my foe who shall be reddened."  -- Vingan Ring Member


Vinga is Orlanth's daughter. She has half-brothers, Barntar and Odayla.

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