Vingan Mercenary Attack
Here to serve a can of whup-ass...


Random Event

Requires Feuding with another clan

Mercenaries, while far from common, aren't unknown to the Orlanthi.  You can take satisfaction in knowing someone figured they needed extra forces to deal with you...

Event Dialogue

Vingan warrior women burst into your clan hall during a feast.  They set fire to the hall, and wound several warriors and ring members.  As your weaponthanes rally to drive them off, they retreat, sustaining only light wounds themselves.  Your attackers were from the <X> clan, whose weaponthanes are well-known for hiring out their martial services to other clans.  They are often employed during feuds.  Many of your people immediately assume that they were hired by the <Y>, who you are feuding with.
  1. Hire <X> mercenaries to attack the <Y>.
  2. Make peace with the <Y> clan.
  3. Retaliate against the <X> clan.
  4. Retaliate against the <Y> clan.
  5. Seek compensation from the <X> clan.
  6. Take no action.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  The name of the clans vary, but in this instance, the mercenaries come from the clan whose description is:  They're known for their tradition of female chieftains.


  • In a form of irony, you can hire the mercenaries to attack their original employers.  Needless to say, clan <Y> won't like this, but it is a moot point.  Your weaponthanes may be displeased that they didn't get the honor of avenging the clan, though.
  • You know the feuding clan is serious since they hired mercenaries.  However, making peace is an option, just be aware that you have to be serious about it.  A half-hearted attempt can make the other clan more obstinate.  If things are generally positive in your clan, many may feel displeased if you make peace.   If things are going poorly in your clan, then peace would be welcome.
  • Mercenaries are not held responsible for actions traditionally; whoever employed them is the one to blame.  If you retaliate against the mercenaries, your people might be pleased at revenge, but be aware you may now have two clans angry at you.  The original, and now the mercenary clan.
  • You certainly can retaliate against the original employers.  Your relations with the mercenary clan will stay the same, while you focus on your foes.  However, if it is Sea or Earth season, you probably should wait to react.
  • You won't get any compensation from the mercenariesOrlanthi tradition holds mercenaries are acting according to the whims of their employers, thus it is the employers who hold the blame.
  • Doing nothing may be the best (especially if you can't afford peace), but be aware your farmers will be displeased that their safety seems breached, and the weaponthanes will be disgruntled because they weren't allowed to reply in kind.

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