Vingkot is another king of the Orlanthi.  

According to the introductory questionnaire:

“Orlanth’s son Vingkot was a famous warlord… Most people in the area were his followers. He introduced new principles, such as the rule of hospitality…”


  • Vingkot's men were camped in the Hills of Peace.  Wood women went among them, and planted the men with seeds.  Hundreds died of the curse. -- Ring Member
  • King Vingkot disappeared many times, and those of weak confidence thought him slain.  But each time he came back, hungry and wanting his dinner, having miraculously escaped death.  -- Ring Member
  • Vingkot's descendants all used his sword and helm in their kingship rites, until the regalia was lost.  -- Ring Member
  • "Six times my enemies thought me dead, and six times have I returned to harry them.  Six times have I vanished, and six times have my friends kept my place at table, knowing that I would be back."  --  Vingkot

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