Voballa I: Adoption Request
Voballa adoption


Chain Event

Next Mistreatment

Event Dialogue

Priests and thanes from the <X> clan come to request the right to adopt Voballa, the young child of carls Vanartha and Robasart. "A document written during the First Age says that a great hero of the Knowing God will be born one day in Dragon Pass, and that she will have a mark upon her forehead, like so. This babe has the same mark upon its forehead. We ask that you allow us to raise the child, as we are uniquely qualified to initiate her into the secrets of Lhankor Mhy."

  1. Allow the adoption.
  2. Grant their request, in exchange for a gift of knowledge.
  3. Grant their request, in exchange for magic.
  4. Grant their request, in exchange for an end to the feud between your clans.
  5. Let them raise her, but not as a member of their clan.
  6. Refuse their request.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Allowing the request, whether it be for something of value, or just for reputation, will send the child to the <X> clan. (Options may not appear if they do not apply.)
  • If you ask for something in return, they may decline the trade, but allow you to pick another option.
  • Letting the <X> raise her, but retain her clan membership improves your relations with <X>, but makes it easier if, in the future, you wish to bring her back to your clan.
  • Refusing them will hurt your relations with them and prevents you from getting any gifts, but maintains the mood of your clan. Your ring will later inform you that Voballa has no heroic potential, but her parents love her anyway.

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