Walktapus Hunt


Random Event

Notable Rewards Bell of Uralda
Garland of Reeds
Hunting Alynx
Three Bean Broth

The minions of Chaos take on many forms, and can appear anywhere...

Event Dialogue

<X>, a member of the <Y> clan ring, comes to seek your help.  "A terrible creature has been stalking our tula, attacking our cattle.  That none of our children have been taken is only a matter of luck.  Our clan sages say that it is a walktapus, and is a creature of Chaos.  Many of our weaponthanes were injured during a recent raid by the <Z clan>, so we need help in hunting and slaying this dread beast."
  1. Do it as a favor to <Y>
  2. Do it in exchange for a treasure
  3. Do it in exchange for wealth
  4. Do it in honor of Urox, foe of Chaos
  5. Turn her down

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you refuse to give aid, realize Chaos grows, even on your clan's own tula.  Also, relations with clan <Y> will worsen a little.
  • If you do decide to fight, this fight is no guarantee of victory.  A loss will cost you the lives of some warriors, and injuries among the others.
  • Success, however, nets you either a favor, wealth, magic (option 4), or your choice of treasures


You will have your choice of these four treasures. 

Note:  Be aware these treasures have a finite lifespan, most lasting only 3-4 years or so.

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