Weaponthane Sickness
Weaponthane sickness


Random Event

Illnesses are dangerous enough in Dragon Pass, but the gods defend you if a disease is supernatural in origin.

Event Dialogue

A strange malady grips several of your weaponthanes. Each is suddenly stricken with a fit of palsy, causing them to drop their swords or other heavy items. The fits arrive with no warning, and last for anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Some weaponthanes think that they are brought on by strenuous exercise; the malady most often strikes those sparring on your clan's training ground.

  1. Conduct a divination.
  2. Propitiate Malia.
  3. Sacrifice to Chalana Arroy.
  4. Send for shamans.
  5. Wait for the illness to pass.

King of Dragon Pass


If you have a trickster on the ring, you will have an extra option:


  • Propitiating Malia is probably the worst idea in the bunch, as sacrificing to her once will require you to sacrifice to her again and again. You will also lose some respect the other clans have toward you, and risk a visit by Angry Priests.
  • Conducting a divination might tell you who is the cause of the malady (usually a feuding clan), but won't solve the problem, and it'll cost you 1 magic.
  • Sacrificing to Chalana Arroy, is a fair way to cure the disease, but is not guaranteed to work, and you will loose a few cows/goods in the process.  Still, her success ensures the disease doesn't return.
  • Sending for shamans will probably cost you less cows, but they are sometimes hard to find, especially if you don't have a good relationship with them.  Be aware that the shamans are more likely to fail than Chalana Arroy.
  • Waiting for the illness to pass is not very helpful, and will make the morale of your weaponthanes suffer. The event has a good chance to keep coming back up until you actually move to solve it.
  • Trickster magic is unreliable, but it has a good chance of working. This option costs 1 magic.  Additionally, some other clan will be affected.  Do this too many times, and other clans may come and complain personally, wanting some restitution in the process.

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