Weaponthanes Greater Disrespect


Chain Event

Happens when Low weaponthane morale
Previous Weaponthanes Not Getting Respect
Next Unknown

This may be a continuation from Weaponthanes Not Getting Respect.

The weaponthanes already made their displeasure known, but not only have their concerns not been addressed, but actually worsened.  Needless to say, they decide to get dramatic...

Event Dialogue

The warriors come to you to once again protest their poor treatment by the clan ring.  They remove their ancestral insignia.  "We do not want our ancestors to see us so humbled and abused," their spokesman says.  "This is a gesture no Orlanthi takes lightly.  If you ignore it, I do not know what we can do, and still maintain our honor as weaponthanes."
  1. Apologize profusely; promise to honor them in the future.
  2. Embark on a heroquest.
  3. Have <Chieftain> arm-wrestle their spokesman.
  4. Promise sacrifices to appease their ancestors.
  5. "What shames the ancestors is your incessant whining!"

King of Dragon Pass


  • It is variable whether the warriors will accept an apology, and promise to honor them in the future.  Success will have them appeased for a time, but failure will just keep their morale low.
  • A drastic solution, embarking on a  heroquest would show the favor of the gods.  Success will increase morale, while failure may even worsen it (and not to mention the consequences to the quester).
  • Many warriors can't resist a direct challenge, so having your <chieftain> arm-wrestle the spokesman can show the strength of the clan ring.  Success will quiet the warriors for a time, failure will just show them their concerns are justified.
  • Sacrifices to their ancestors is another good way to satisfy the weaponthanes, as long as you aren't stingy on the offerings. 
  • Guaranteed to keep matters stirred up, the weaponthanes will not back down, and even escalate things if you berate them for their incessant whining.

Note:  If things get worse, you may very well have your weaponthanes leave (event to come soon)

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