Weaponthanes Not Getting Respect
Weaponthane warning


Random Event

Happens when Low weaponthane morale
Next Weaponthanes Greater Disrespect

In Orlanthi society, the weaponthanes embody honor and glory as they are the first to risk their lives in defending the clan and enacting the will of the ring.  However, if they feel they aren't give their just due, they may well protest...

Event Dialogue

The weaponthanes, led by <X>, complain that you have been favoring the lowly carls over them.  "We are not being treated as honorable nobles," they protest, "but like mere cottars, as servants of the farmers' whims.  We warriors look enviously at other clans; if a man risks his life for them, he can expect his proper due."
  1. Assign cottars as servants to leading weaponthanes.
  2. Compose a poem praising the weaponthanes and satirizing the carls.
  3. Distribute rings and silver among the weaponthanes.
  4. Give a feast in honor of the weaponthanes.
  5. Persuade them that their grievances are exaggerated.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Giving the weaponthanes cottars to service them will improve the morale the of the warriors, but it definitely angers other members of the clan.  After all, the cottars aren't thralls.  Another side effect is that it may have an effect on your framing and herding as the cottars aren't tending the fields.
  • If your poet is sufficiently skilled, then composing a great poem will satisfy the weaponthanes, but anger the carls.  Failure will just anger the weaponthanes even more.
  • Simple bribery may work if you give rings and silver to the weaponthanes.  Unless matters improve, expect the warriors to return with the same complaints.  Being too stingy, though, will just inflame the warriors further.
  • If you have the food, giving a feast will also please the weaponthanes
  • Having a skilled tongue can convince the weaponthanes that their grievances aren't as great as they let on to be.  Failure will just leave the weaponthanes aggravated as before.

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