Wedding Celebration


Random Event

A wedding is one of the most joyous occasions an Orlanthi can participate in, following in the footsteps of Orlanth and Ernalda.

Event Dialogue

You host a wedding banquet for the marriage of the high-ranking young warrior <X> to <Y>, a wise and gifted young maiden from the <Z clan>.  You are welcoming <Y> into your clan, and celebrating the original wedding of Orlanth and Ernalda.
  1. Compose a poem in honor of the <Z>.
  2. Compose a poem in honor of Orlanthi carls.
  3. Compose a poem in honor of Orlanthi warriors.
  4. Give gifts to the <Z>.
  5. Give blessings to the <Z>.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Composing a poem requires someone with sufficient bardic skill.  A success will have the poem remembered for years to come and honoring the subject (Options 1-3), while a failure will anger the subject of the poems.  (Options 1-3).  Additionally, a poorly done poem also carries the connotation your clan is just cheap.
  • Giving gifts is always a good standby.  However, too few will worsen relations with <Z>, while too much may anger your clan for being too generous.
  • If you have a surfeit of surplus, then giving blessings to <Z> is a positive experience.  Additionally, the more magic you give, the greater the amount of luck you receive. 

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