Weregild or Bust


Random Event

When you go raiding, people will die.  Orlanthi use the system of weregild to prevent the whole society from descending into one violent, chaotic mess...

Event Dialogue

<X>, a thane of the <Y> clan, sweeps into your hall, four grim warriors at his side.  Last season, his nephew, <Z>, was killed by <W>, a member of your clan.  <X> demands 30 cows as compensation for his kinsmen's death.
  1. "Nobody from the <your> clan killed <Z>!"
  2. Pay 10 cows.
  3. Pay 20 cows.
  4. Pay 30 cows.

King of Dragon Pass


Simple choice.  Either you pay the weregild (and the amount), or you don't. 

  • You can claim your clan didn't kill <Z>, but the other clan won't believe it.  
  • If you do pay, remember 20 cows is the standard payment for a thane. 
  • <X> will take 10 cows, but this will incense his clan (though not as much denying responsibility). 
  • Paying 30 cows will maintain good relations, but your carls may not like paying more than tradition dictates.

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