White Calf Birth


Random Event

Notable Rewards White Calf

White is considered a sacred color to the Orlanthi, and any creature born pure-white is considered an auspicious moment.

Event Dialogue

A milk-white calf has been born into the herd of one of your carls, <X>.  A white calf is considered a creature of great good omen.
  1. Let <X> tend to the calf.
  2. Sacrifice the calf to Orlanth.
  3. Sacrifice the calf to Uralda, the Cow Mother.
  4. Take the calf into the chief's herds.
  5. Trade the calf to another clan

King of Dragon Pass


  • Sacrificing the calf to Orlanth increases clan magic, and may help in the next raid.
  • Sacrificing the calf to Uralda increases clan magic, and the fertility of the herd.
  • Putting the chief into the chief's herds increases the fertility of the cattle, but does displease the carls a little. You will gain the White Calf treasure.
  • Letting the original owner retain the calf does no harm, nor good.

Note:  If you wish to have the treasure White Calf, then pick Option 4, put the calf in the chief's herds.

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