Widow's Grief


Random Event

Happens when Too many raids
Next Widow's Revenge

In conflict, there are always victims.  If things go particularly badly, it will be your own clan members that suffer...and they will not let the matter rest if things remain unbalanced.

Event Dialogue

Angry widows confront the clan ring, the death rune smeared in ash on their foreheads.  Their husbands were slain when the <X> last raided you.  Led by the uncompromising <Y>, the women reproach you for allowing these deaths to go unavenged. 
  1. Explain that you're trying to keep the clan from being dragged into a feud.
  2. Offer to pay compensation.
  3. Organize a raid against the killers.
  4. Tell them they're free to get anyone willing to help them.
  5. Try to convince them to let their hatred go and live for their children.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Depending on how persuasive you are, you might convince the women to set aside their vengeance and grief...if that is what you desire (Options 1, 2, and 5).  Be aware that in their current state, it will be hard to change their minds. 
  • If you wish to gain revenge, the people will support you.  However, be sure you are able to succeed.  After all, the slain may have died because you couldn't protect them adequately.
  • Finally, you may give the women freedom to act as they will.  Remember, though, whatever actions they undertake will reflect on the clan as a whole.


  • If the women aren't reconciled with what happen, another event may come up in Widow's Revenge
  • This encounter may have happened due to a clan harmed by raids.  If you can, you may wish to strengthen your defenses, raise warriors, and if you have multiple foes, make peace with some.

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