Widow's Revenge


Chain Event

Previous Widow's Grief

Vengeance can drive others to extreme actions, and in Dragon Pass, one's clan will be held accountable as well...

Event Dialogue

The widow <X>, who not so long ago swore vengeance against the clan that killed her husband, has taken it.  Men loyal to her have captured two prisoners from the <Y> clan.  <X>'s allies are exultant, but others are worried.
  1. Apologize and free the hostages.
  2. Arrange negotiations with the <Y> on neutral ground.
  3. Force the men to join the clan as replacements for the slain.
  4. Free the hostages without apology.
  5. Let <X> do what she wants with them.
  6. Ritually heal <X>'s grief

King of Dragon Pass


  • This is a bit of a sticky situation.  To free the hostages, or otherwise make peace with their home clan will anger some of your people, especially since they took matters in their own hands. 
  • Allowing the radicals to enact their revenge will certainly anger <Y> clan as well, so be sure you can withstand their attacks.
  • One choice is to make the men join the clan, but realize they are reluctant members at best, and more likely angry ones.
  • It is possible the widow's grief is too overwhelming, and you may need to ritually heal it.  However, like any other magic ritual, there is no guarantee it will work.


If this event arises (say from the Widow's Grief), it is because events have harmed your clan, especially with raids.  This abduction will anger the men's home clan, but it is possible to placate them.

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