Wifely Intervention
It's just a love tap


Random Event

Sometimes, a person has to decide what is more important:  their honor or their wife. 

Event Dialogue

One of your carls, <X>, complains that his wife, <Y>, dishonored him.  It all started when he went to worship at the <V> temple, and was insulted by <Z>, one of their carls.  He challenged <Z> to a duel, but <Y> did not want him to fight.  When the appointed day of the duel arrived, she found where the men were fighting and knocked <X> dizzy with a big branch.  He could not complete the duel, and has now lost his honor.
  1. Convince <X> that <Y> had his best interests at heart.
  2. Encourage <X> to duel <Z> again.
  3. Scold <Y>.
  4. Scold <X>.
  5. "This is not a matter for the clan ring."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you are the interventionist sort, then telling <X> his wife had his best interests at heart may be the best choice.  After all, she didn't want a possibly dead husband.  Successful persuasion soothes ruffled feathers, but failure will lower the clan's morale, saying this is a matter which the ring has no business getting involved in. 
  • Orlanthi place a great store in honor, and the man's wife harmed his. One way to restore his honor is to encourage <X> and <Z> to duel again.  There are three possible outcomes.  The most likely is each man essentially goes through the motions, and depart peacefully, honor satisfied.  The second outcome is <Z> is slain.  Needless to say, this worsen's relations with <Z>'s clan.  The third outcome is <X> is killed, and your clan's morale will decrease as a result.
  • If you scold <X> or his wife, <Y>, there is a chance they will take the rebuke to heart, and learn from it.  However, it is more likely they will say it is none of the ring's business, and many in the clan will agree, lowering morale.
  • Since your carl is more angry towards his wife than towards the other clan's carl, it makes this a marital problem. As such, you are well within you rights to tell them that this is not a matter for the ring. Your clan will be glad you didn't interfere, and the situation will take care of itself. It is possible that another duel may break out, and this time with more serious consequences.

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