Wind Lords Want Aid
No, that isn't an 'S' on his chest.


Random Event

Sometimes, even the strongest servants of the gods need aid...

Event Dialogue

Three great Orlanthi wind lords, or holy warriors, come to your tula.  They retell famous stories of Orlanth the Adventurer.  They delight the children with a display of the magical flying abilities that Orlanth grants them.  Then they ask the ring for help with a secret mission.  "The nature of our quest is so terrible that we dare not describe it.  We need warriors, silver, cows or a gift of magical power.  How can you help us?"
  1. Allow weaponthanes to volunteer to fight for them
  2. Give them cows
  3. Give them silver
  4. Politely refuse them
  5. Give them magic

King of Dragon Pass


  • The wind lords will gratefully take any assistance you can give them, whether it is magic, cows, weaponthanes, or silver.  However, their mission is very dangerous.  If the wind lords succeed, you will see some return on your largess, but there is a great chance of failure.  In that case, the magic/cows/silver are definitely gone, and odds are your weaponthanes won't be coming home. 
  • You can refuse them, but other clans may look askance at you.  Additionally, if you were unwilling to give aid when requested, then you may not get it in turn (such as fighting the ice demons when a Blizzard comes up).


This event can teach you the secrets of some of Orlanth's myths, like "Orlanth and Aroka", if you didn't learn them previously.

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