Wind Spirits Encountered


Exploration Event

Area Mount Kero Fin
Notable Rewards Shrine to the Wind Spirits

When you explore the bounds of Mount Kero Fin, one of the most holiest places of the Orlanthi faith, you can encounter many strange, and sometimes wondrous things.

Event Dialogue

<X> the Knowing, a Lhankor Mhy devotee of your clan, describes to you a curious event that took place while your exploratory party visited Mount Kero Fin.  There they encountered a number of wind spirits, who claim kinship with Orlanth, and with Orlanth's mother, the goddess Kero Fin.  Some of them are called the Listening Winds; the others are called the Seeing Winds.  <X> has now visited with these spirits, and suggest that the clan sacrifice to them and gain their favor.
  1. Forget the incident.
  2. Invite the spirits to inhabit a shrine at your temple.
  3. Recite to the spirits a poem you have composed in their honor.
  4. Sacrifice to these spirits.
  5. Tell another clan about this opportunity.

King of Dragon Pass


  • You can choose to forget the incident, but this doesn't exactly honor Orlanth or his mother, though no physical effects should affect your clan
  • If the spirits are pleased with your poem, they may reward you in some fashion (probably with a bonus of clan magic).
  • Sacrificing to the spirits as well, if they accept it, may also give a reward of magic.
  • If you tell another clan of this opportunity, their approval of your clan will increase, but they will definitely take advantage of it.
  • Probably the best course of action, if you are able to accomplish it, is to invite the spirits to a shrine you build in their honor. You will be asked how many cows and goods you wish to sacrifice. There is no guaranteed magic number for success. Sacrificing as many as 80 cattle and goods can result in failure, while as few 5 gained success.


If you do get the shrine, there will be no permanant blessings attached to it, you still have to sacrifice to each of the three spirits to gain their specific blessings for a year, but they do provide some good benefits.

Shrine Gained

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