Witch of the Well
Clan witch


Random Event

A carl of your clan may one day be accused of performing foul magic near the tula's well and spreading disease among the people.

Event Dialogue

<X>, one of your female carls, is caught doing secret magic around the tula's well. Some accuse her of attracting disease spirits. She denies doing anything at all. But then people start to get sick.

  1. Conduct a divination.
  2. Outlaw her, then see that she is killed.
  3. Outlaw her.
  4. Proclaim her innocence.
  5. Send for Chalana Arroy priestesses to cure her madness.
  6. Use magic to cure her madness.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Option 5 only appears if you don't have a shrine/temple to Chalana Arroy.


  • If you have the magic to spare, then conduct a divination.  Do note that the spirits may be unable to establish her guilt.  However, if successful, divination will reveal if <X> was willfully evil, if something else drove her to conduct her foul deeds.  Either way, you will return to the options, and can choose another course of action. You can discover that she is innocent: Our ancestral spirits held blameless of spreading disease. They said she was a friend of Ernalda but would say no more. Many people concludaded <name> was a member of the Earth Witch spirit tradition. Now you have the same options.
  • Outlawing <X> will drive her from your clan.  However, this doesn't necessarily end her evil.  You may see an increase in the amount of Chaos in your lands. 
  • Killing <X> after outlawing her may be the best choice.  Death is a legitimate punishment for one caught consorting with the Chaos.  However, her death may also cause unrest among the carls, especially if the ring doesn't have their respect.
  • Proclaiming <X>'s innocence is a bit of a gamble.  She may truly be innocent, but if you are wrong, you will face manifestations of Chaos.  It is recommended to conduct a divination if you are uncertain. If she is innocent: The people said that <name> must be guiltless, and agreed that her magi, though secret, was not harming anyone. Not long afterwars, several farmers reported diggin up valuable items. Speculation: Maybe she is a Asrelia´s follower.
  • If you think <X> is guilty, but want to help her (and without a sword through the gullet), then you can try to cure her madness with magic, or by sending for a Chalana Arroy priestess.  Success will heal the old woman, but failure leaves a poisoner on your hands.  You will go back to the list of options, and may make another choice.

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