With a Little (Martial) Help From Our Friends
Vengeful Women


Random Event

Women are considered the more rational, thoughtful gender among Orlanthi.  However, rational doesn't mean unemotional, as these vengeful ladies show.

Event Dialogue

Women from the <X> clan come to urge you to help them prosecute a feud against the <Y clan>.  "The <Y> have done us grievous injury, blaming us for sending <nonhumans> against another clan.  You have always been our friends," the women say.  "Now we ask you to aid us in smiting these villains, who disgrace all of Dragon Pass with their wrongful actions."
  1. Offer to make peace between the feuding clans.
  2. Refuse them.
  3. Sacrifice to the gods to aid the <X>.
  4. Send messengers to warn the <Y>.
  5. Send warriors to aid the <X>.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Offering to make peace between the clans leads to two different results.  The first, and most likely is the <X> stride off, angry at the thought of ending the bloodshed as well as lowering your reptuation with the <X> slightly.  The second is that you actually get both clans to talk, and make peace, leading to an increase to your reputation.
  • Refusing the <X> certainly is your right, but worsens relations with them.  However, they are much more understanding, especially if it is Sea  (planting) and Earth (harvest) seasons.
  • Sacrificing to the gods entreats the deities to help the <X>.  Choose this if you wish to limit the injuries you suffer, but still wish to help the <X> .  The more you sacrifice, the greater the chance the gods will be swayed.  If the <X> are victorious, your relations improve, but if they are defeated, your relationship sours.
  • Warning the <Y> will improve relations with them, but the <X> will be furious as you betrayed their plans to their enemy.
  • Sending warriors with the <X> gives them a greater chance of success.  The more warriors you send, the greater the chance the <X> will win.   Victory will garner you some wealth, but defeat will wound/kill some of your warriors.  Needless to say, your relations with the <X> improve, but decline with the <Y>.

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