Withdrawal (Warrior Advice)
Weaponthane warning


Chain Event

Requires Tribe, low weaponthane morale
Next Independence

Joining a tribe is done for mutual strength and protection. However, sometimes it comes to pass that one's needs are not being met, or advice heeded. If that is the case, your own people may suggest seceding from the tribe.

Event Dialogue

<X> is sent by his fellow warriors to speak to the ring.  They want to quit the tribe.  "We joined the tribe so that we would be strong in battle and prosperous in peace.  Yet the tribe has brought us nothing but dishonor.  We have tasted bitter defeat, and seen gross misrule.  It is better to face the dangers of Dragon Pass as an independent clan than to heap shame upon the traditions of our ancestors.
  1. Compose a poem detailing the successes of the tribe.
  2. Quit the tribe.
  3. Tell other chieftains that your warriors are dissatisfied.
  4. Tell the queen/king that your warriors are dissatisfied.
  5. "Things will get better."

King of Dragon Pass


Be aware that the decision to leave the tribe is up to you in this event. However, the mood of your warriors can be affected by your actions and successes/failures.

  • If you wish to stay in the tribe, then a well-spoken poem detailing the successes of the tribe will move your warriors to stay the course... at least for a while. Failure will worsen their mood, though. In an extreme case, the weaponthanes may decide to leave.
  • Quitting the tribe will satisfy your warriors, but you will be at the mercy of the bigger tribes. This choice leads to the Independence event.
  • If you tell someone your warriors are dissatisfied, such as the queen/king or other clan chieftains, and the rest of the tribe values your clan, they may give you gifts to placate your warriors. However, if you have done little to earn their respect, you will be called whiners, and shown the door if you don't care for the tribe.
  • The default answer, "things will get better" continues the status quo. If things don't improve, you will have another visit from the warriors.

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