Wolfskin Bonanza
Now where is the wolfskin codpiece?


Chain Event

Previous Wolfskin-clad Raiders

When offered the proper...motivation...the Orlanthi prove rather apt at decimating the native animals.  However, doing so can deplete your coffers, and it may be in your best interest to end the hunt. 

Event Dialogue

Your call for wolf skins has been very successful.  Perhaps too much so.  You're now drowning in the things.  You have wolf blankets, wolf collars, wolf hide helmets, fur-covered ale flagons...and still, you have too many to use.
  1. Announce that you will buy no more wolf skins.
  2. Only buy half as many wolf-skins from now on.
  3. Only buy a few wolf-skins from now on.
  4. Send <X> on a journey to sell excess wolf skins.
  5. Spread the word that your efforts protect your neighbors from Telmori raiders.

King of Dragon Pass


Be aware that after having put a bounty out, you may face further raids in the future...especially if you decide to reduce the amount of wolf-skins you buy.  The Telmori will blame you for the depletion of their wolf-kin, so you may get other attacks from the wolf changers.

  • Deciding to buy no more wolf-skins removes a steady drain on your goods, but relations will worsen a bit with clans who took advantage of your bounty.
  • Buying only half as many skins, or just a small few (Options 2 and 3), reduces the flow of goods away from your clan, but relations will worsen slightly with other clans who relied on your bounty. 
  • If you have a good trader, sending <X> on a trade journey may net you a large amount of goods.  Of course, if you don't have enough protection, they may not return home.
  • A good persuader can convince your neighbors that your actions protected them from the Telmori and give you support.  Failure will just mean they don't believe your...charitable...motivation.

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