Woman Exiled From Heortland


Exploration Event

The stream of people leaving your old homeland seems to be turning into a veritable flood...

Event Dialogue

Your explorers encounter a woman from Heortland while mapping the <direction>.  Her name is <X>, and she is fleeing from her homeland.  "I slew an agent of the Pharaoh, who sought to tell chosen Orlanthi chieftains how to properly interpret the laws of our people.  Although my act was just, and supported by the spirits of our ancestors, the leaders were too afraid of the Pharaoh to stand up for what is right. They outlawed me, and sent pursuers to kill me.  I think I have outdistanced my pursuers, but would be lying if I said I was sure of that."  The explorers were moved by her words, and brought her here, suggesting that you should give her asylum.
  1. Adopt her as a weaponthane in the chief's household.
  2. Adopt her as a weaponthane.
  3. Give her hospitality, then see her on her way.
  4. See her on her way with gifts.
  5. Turn her away.]]


  • Adopting her as a weaponthane will net the clan a very capable warrior.  However, adopting her into the chief's household may cause some dismay in other weaponthanes since she hasn't earned the honor.
  • If you don't wish to use her services, giving her hospitality or giving gifts will please the weaponthanes for showing the woman honor.  Being to generous with the gifts may displease the carls though. 
  • Turning the woman away will cause the weaponthanes to grumble a little, but if you have little food/goods this may be the best choice. 

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