Yinkin's Wood


Chain Event

Previous Limbo

Sometimes, heroquests go awry.  You may find yourself trapped in the god-realms.  However, unless you move, you can stay there for eternity.  Take the wrong step, and you may become some god's prey...

Event Dialogue

<X> wanders until she finds herself in a wild place, overgrown with vegetation.  Animals surround her, hissing and growling from their hiding places in the wood.  Yinkin, god of cats, brother to Orlanth, yowls from the underbrush.  "You have intruded into our wild territory," he says.  "What will you give us, so we do not hunt you and tear you apart."
  1. "I give you a place in my stead"
  2. "I give you hunting rights on my tula"
  3. "I give you milk of my cows"
  4. "Nothing, for I follow the laws of your brother, and you may not slay me"
  5. Run away

King of Dragon Pass


You are simply trying to return to the mortal-plane. 

  • The first three responses are essentially bargaining with Yinkin to keep him happy.  If he agrees (though he can be very fickle), then you lose magic, game or food generated by cattle
  • Otherwise, you may claim kinship with Orlanth.  This may even work, though sometimes Yinkin let's his bestial side lose.
  • Running away, you may return to Limbo, or else Yinkin can give chase, and slay you.

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