You Will Pay Tribute


Random Event

Dragon Pass is a violent place, so don't be surprised if your clan is on the wrong end of too many raids and that others will try to take advantage of your weakness ...

Event Dialogue

<X>, thane of the <Y> clan, has come demanding an annual tribute of 40 cattle and 80 sheep.  The <Y> have beaten you in at least three recent raids.  "You are weak," <X> says, "and you will serve us or be smashed." 
  1. "We will never pay tribute."
  2. "We will do as you ask."
  3. "We will pay this year only."
  4. Agree to pay, but try to bargain the tribute down.
  5. Launch a surprise raid against the <Y>.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If a particular clan is proving troublesome and your force of arms is just not good enough then giving tribute will stop the raiding, at least for a while. However, the tribute will put a strain on your herds and hurt your clan's morale.  It is possible to negotiate the amount down, but you will still pay. 
  • Agreeing to pay, but for only a year will guarantee that you will see <Y> clan as early as the next year. 
  • If you think you can win then you can launch a surprise raid of your own.  However, you wouldn't be getting this dialogue if you hadn't some mishap which weakened you.
  • Refusing to pay will cause the <Y> clan to immediately raid your tula again. Unless you feel like the last three raids were bad luck now might be a good time to use a battle treasure to tip the odds in your favor.


You may get this event if another clan has  successfully raided you three times or more. 

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